Environmental liability assessments in Japan

can be a tough task for foreign players, with a frustrating scarcity of straight answers – to the point where clients tell us, “Japan is like stepping through the Looking Glass."

At EAI, we cut through all that. Across Japan, we have the technical expertise, experience and on-the-ground knowledge required to get the clarity you need: accurately assessing environmental risks and pinpointing their regulatory ramifications. We deliver definitive answers in plain terms your stakeholders can understand.

In Japan, consensus is key

A logical argument backed by sound data is as effective in Japan as it is in most other areas of the world. Here, however, it is crucial that a consensus be achieved before action is initiated. It can be a time-consuming process, and one that can leave foreigners somewhat perplexed. EAI's ability to wrap the rigorous logic of science into the Japanese process and achieve outcomes satisfactory to both sides is one of the critical values we deliver to international clients.

Fully plug compatible

Standards such as those governing management of asbestos and PCBs vary from region to region and in some cases from country to country. EAI’s familiarity with the major standards in Japan, the U.S. and the EU, and its ability to bridge the differences between them – along with its experience in tailoring processes to satisfy specific internal corporate requirements – saves our international clients considerable time and effort, while also providing a welcome sense of security.